Since red invaded the fashion industry, I wanted to have one of the wholesale trousers in this vibrant colour, so I have bought a really charming pair of red painted pants. They are mostly made of cotton, which gives them elasticity and thus freedom of movement, but they’re not jeans and thus are pretty lightweight. They are low waist and they have a golden button and a nice-looking zipper.

Their cut is so fine that they elongate my legs and make you feel skinnier. They are best to be worn with peach shoes or black ones. You can match them with high heels, or conversion sneakers for a casual look. In the summer these wholesale trousers go great with high wedges as well and in the autumn you can choose rocker boots. Whatever you please, they all look fantastic combined with these pants.

wholesale trousersThe best tops for these red wholesale trousers are neutral ones, such as white, grey, black, blue, pale yellow, or beige. When it comes to accessories, red matches perfectly with golden or silver accessories, black or white as well. If you want to wear a scarf, don’t get a red one and stay far away from intense colours, because you need all the focus on your pants.

However, if you desire something bold, you can accessorise your look with some animal print elements, such as a belt or a bag.

I am very pleased with my purchase, these wholesale trousers are high quality, they don’t get worn out after washing them and the colour is resistant. They are versatile and I can add them to my everyday outfits, as they are so easy to match. They are skinny and they make me feel thinner plus I get tonnes of compliments. What more can I expect from a pair of pants?

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