I simply love wool. It’s eco-friendly, warm, and good kinds of lambs wool like merino wool won’t scratch! Everybody loves their sweaters and hats wholesale, you need some good quality accessories that are warm and thick to pull through the cold Eastern European winters. But there’s a single issue with the wool, and it’s called clothes moths. Wool is an organic, thick fibre, and makes good food for the larvae of the common clothes moth or so-called Tineola Bisselliella. These clothes moths are very small yellow flying insects that lay eggs in the warm and dry wool. The larvas eat the wool and any other organic fibres like cotton and silk. At the point you’ve spotted the moths, they are almost certainly already laying eggs.

The most common solution is mothballs. However, they’re very toxic, carcinogenic and highly flammable. Instead, you could use simple natural solutions of smells that are hated by the moths, like cedar or lavender. You could add a couple of drops of lavender oil to your softener or hand wash rinse, or keep your wool and cashmere clothes in cedar boxes. However, many people don’t like the smell. Black pepper is also a good choice since it’s less annoying. The producers of hats wholesale use chemical solutions, various sprays and insecticides, but these are also very toxic—and especially to animals.

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One of the coolest but also the most frightening method are wasps. You can find eggs of a certain parasitic species of wasp it lays its eggs in the moths’ and the wasp larva devours the moth before it gestates. These wasps are harmless to humans and are used by the various pest control companies.


You don’t have to use the wasps – you can start protecting your woollen clothes from moths in the first place. The larvae are vulnerable to extremes of temperature. In the summer revise your winter, wash it, and iron it. And when it really gets cold, it’s time to… freeze away the larvas. Put the clothes outside when the temperatures get below -10 or put your hat in the freezer. Many producers of woollen hats wholesale do it too.


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