There are many people who sell wholesale mens jeans, but once you choose your supplier you need to build a working relationship with them. You need to know who’s interested in their jeans and how to market them as well – and without that knowledge, you can’t act and order accordingly.

For instance imagine you live in a large city,  There’s probably a lot of politically involved people. The stereotype of a male activist is however fairly negative – he’s unemployed, lives with his parents. Instead of a suit, he wears a pair of torn, bleak blue jeans with holes. They seem like a perfect customer for cheap wholesale mens jeans – but are they?

Many people think that if you stand for something, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard of dress. They shouldn’t cultivate this “dishevelled look”, instead of wholesale mens jeans shifting to more dressier pants. Sure, there seem to be quite a lot of people who simply are content to show up at the protest, but as a boutique owner, you should promote personal appearance!

wholesale mens jeansThese cheap wholesale mens jeans are also complemented by loose, flowing baggy hooded jumpers. Many young people think nothing of showing up to the protest in their daily wear – but you can also appeal to their vanity offering them dressier trousers. Contact the wholesaler of wholesale mens jeans and ask her whether she also offers slacks or dark wash jeans.

One last consideration must be made for purchasing this kind of trousers wholesale. While college students are mostly okay showing up in the jeans and a sweatshirt many other people might mind. Dressing too much formally can be a fashion faux pas in a university or among the political activists. Of course, don’t rely on them as on your core audience – instead hope to attract the educated and involved customers!

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