Long skirts have been one of the favourites of women for a long time. At one time, this meant a flowing gown or similar garment, but with time things changed and different varieties and styles of wholesale skirts came on the market. Women can now select from the wide ranges of skirts, from short and mini-skirts to the charming long skirts. There are many women who still prefer to wear long skirts over short and mini-skirts. And there are various types of long wholesale skirts on the market.

wholesale skirtsWrap skirts

As the name indicates, these skirts have to be wrapped at the waist and then have to be fixed at the place with self-fabric ties. The numbers of wraps depend on you. These wholesale skirts are suitable for all kinds of body structures. After wrapping the skirt around you, it could resemble a straight skirt or of A-line skirt.

Mermaid skirts

These kinds of long skirts look extremely good on women who have a tall and slim figure. Available in different kinds of prints, the mermaid wholesale skirts look extremely stylish when teamed with a proper top. The skirts remain tight and fitting at the waist and the hips till the knee and then flare down at the bottom.

Slitted skirts

The slitted wholesale skirts are extremely stylish and elegant. They can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions. While some of these skirts have slits at the sides, some have slits at the back and even on the front. These slits enable the wearer to move comfortably.

Box pleated long skirts

Box pleated long skirts look amazing and are suitable for all body types. As the name indicates, these skirts are pleated and there is a layer of fabric present between the two pleats. While walking, the inner fabric is exposed and makes it look amazingly stylish. There is a lot of room inside these skirts and therefore they are very comfortable.

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