If the temperature is cold where you live, you should cover your entire body. The producers offer ladies clothing that’s perfect for the winter. Don’t neglect accessories like gloves, headwear, caps wholesale, or scarves. Pay attention to the places where your clothes start and end, such as at wrists, the waist and the neck. If you’re wearing a short shirt your back will stay cold, and the exposed wristwatch will create a “hole” in your jacket covering. Instead, pick clothes that overlap – wear ski gloves that are pulled over your sleeves’ cuffs, caps wholesale under the hood, boots that reach beyond ankles and so on.

caps wholesaleWe all have a natural fat oil on our skin that provides protection against cold. So when you are going out, avoid cosmetics – alcohol-based products might dissolve the fat. Men should also avoid shaving when they’re staying in cold environs, and women should forgo make-up (maybe except chapsticks).

And remember, the cold air is not the single thing you need to protect yourself from. It might surprise some of you that snow is not just cold – it’s also wet. And if you find yourself wading through the deep snow wrapped in coat, you don’t want it to end up in your boots or trouser sleeves. And when your hood or hat snags on a branch, a mound of snow can fall behind your collar! This is doubly painful – the centre of temperature is actually located at the back of your neck! Eventually, this snow will melt into the actual ice-cold water which will cause you to lose temperature. How to protect yourself from it? A hood is a good solution – try to avoid having collars. Some advocate one-piece winter suits and wearing caps wholesale under snoods or hoods. Of course, these one-piece suits are harder to take off  when you want to get rid of excess heat, e.g. when climbing a hill (or when you need an outdoor toilet). It’s your decision when you’re traveling in the colder climate!


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