These days, you should dress for success whether you’re the CEO or an office drone! Sure you have to have your own personal style and don’t abandon it after hours. While at the party you can afford to be stunning, in the workplace you should stick to the dress code. After all, certain rules must be followed if you want to feel efficient. Some employers can even provide wholesale womens blazers instead of your own choice.

wholesale womens blazersYou should devote some time and determine how well should you dress at your first job interview. You can usually get by with “business casual”. Only a handful of workplaces prefers the business professional attire: and if you qualify for them, you probably know what they are, like law, finance or government jobs.

Usually, you can wear a simple combo of elegant trousers and a jacket or a blazer. Wholesale womens blazers seem more professional, but a softer top like a ruffled shirt can seem quite casual. Blazers and other suit jackets can look great when specially fitted to you. Most of the tailored clothes will make your outfit look more professional – even other clothes can be quite casual.

Blazers are fairly casual. Historically, they were worn in England by men and boys in the 19th century. and since they were dyed in bright colours, they were called ‘blazers’. These days, however, wholesale womens blazers rule the roost, whether at work or casually. Even girls who attended public schools tend to use blazers as parts of their uniforms. However, you can go to work in them – and look great.

There are blazers with big buttons or massive shoulder pads. Most wholesale womens blazers have one button, but there are also single and double-breasted ones. Typical materials for blazers for women are cotton, cashmere, flannel or lighter materials like silk and polyester. I’ve also seen a couple of leather or suede blazers – they work great as  outerwear but they make you look awesome on their own.


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