Scarves are great, but most people in the West think they have only two purposes – to accessorize or to stay warm. An ornamental scarf can pull an outfit together and make it look more elegant, or provide a dash of color to an otherwise bland outfit. In general, there are many kinds of wholesale scarfs and many ways to wear them. Warm winter scarfs serve a functional purpose, too. Scarves will always be fashionable, and they’re a good investment in your woman’s wardrobe.

wholesale scarfsI think that most Europeans think of scarves as of mufflers made of wool or cashmere. These thick winters are heavy duty, built to keep the neck and face warm. For many women, they are often seen as bulky, thick built more for function rather than fashion. Scarves are first and foremost out there to keep you from getting sick during the cold winters.

These wholesale scarfs for the winter can be made out of everything, from yarn and acrylic cotton, to more expensive materials such as cashmere, angora, and lambswool.  But they can be more fashionable – wool can be dyed any color and fun patterns can be knitted. Many scarves also come with matching gloves or mittens, or even a hat which would create a fashionable set.

On the other hand, we have some fashion scarves. They really don’t have any other function aside from adding some pizzazz or embellishment to an outfit, a look or a style. A flashy scarf can add a spice to any kind of dressy outfit. An elegant scarf can dress up any outfit, but they don’t offer warmth or any other uses beyond appearance.

These scarves are typically made out of various materials. The most common are lightweight ones dyed in vivid colors: silk, acrylic, polyester and viscose knit. Of course, while silk scarves traditionally are going to be more high-end, look better and are rarer and therefore cost more. Polyester can be cheaper but it might not look as nice!

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