Sometimes it seems like every pair of tights I’ve bought eventually ended up with rips and runs. Sometimes it happened even after only one or two wears – it’s just so frustrating! Now I just buy cheap wholesale tights because I just know I’ll have to replace them again sooner or later. But just the other day I was talking with a friend and she said a good high-quality pair of tights is always a good investment. However, I have yet to find sheer tights that can escape my claws. Even if I can manage to get away with wearing them the first time, the second I can guarantee I’ll rip them.

The solution? Accept that the super sheer tights are a one-time investment and go with the thicker tights. I was confused by low-quality low denier wholesale tights – but there are thick opaque tights like HUE available on the market. Sheer tights are typically cheap and light – but thicker tights don’t snag as easily. These days, I don’t bother with the super sheer tights. They are just a “coloration” of my legs. Frankly, I’d just get a tan. They don’t look that great and are too delicate.

wholesale tightsOne reason to wear sheer pantyhose is the feel – but there’s a solution. More and more producers of wholesale tights use silk – the reinforced silken tights feel great and look great. The problem is that they aren’t as elastic as the nylon ones. A good pair of tights is invaluable to a good wardrobe, especially if you live in a cold region like I do!

As you see, the lighter the tights, the more chance is that they get ripped. My final advice is to get a pair of fancy patterned tights with lace patterns and use them besides the light, sheer pantyhose when you need that extra chic.

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