Are you looking for some versatile fashionable accessories to sell in your boutique? Why don’t try wholesale scarves? Few people are aware that scarves would make wonderful fashion pieces. Your customers will probably worry about making the right fashion statement, and so they will browse all kinds of clothes. But if you display the versatile accessories that are wholesale scarves your customers will definitely find something that will please them.

wholesale scarvesWholesale scarves work great as both formal and informal accessories. Businesswomen and other ladies in need of a formal statement piece can make some fantastic fashion outfits with scarves if they’re matched to their suits. And of course, the use of scarves is not limited to women only. While men are more practical in their choice of garments, they can also use scarves to make fashion statements. Wholesale scarves are an unisex, great fashion accessory.

But what wholesale scarves should you get? There’s a multitude of designs available on the market – various sizes, colors and shapes. Even very expensive cashmere or pashmina scarves are actually within the price range of many of your prospective customers – they’re a nice gift for a special occasion. In fact, your clients can mix and match scarves with various kinds of clothes and have a scarf for every day of the week.

In fact, if you look carefully, you will discover that practically every major fashion designer has included scarves in their collection. Thanks to their popularity and inexpensive price, you can find scarves that will match well with all sorts of outfits and are soft, lightweight and comfortable. Probably the most common summer scarves materials are cotton, silk or velvet. For winter ones choose pashmina, wool, or cashmere.

The price varies depending on the materials used. But a complex print or pattern can also bump up the price of your wholesale scarves. Some of the more popular patterns include floral, abstract paints, geometrical shapes, scenery etc. While woolen scarves are seldom dyed or printed, they have colorful patterns crocheted.

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