Shorts aren’t only for summer – recently I’ve been talking much about wearing shorts with leggings. But before you get your cheap wholesale shorts, you need to consider whether this combo will work well for you. There are four main body types: hourglass (proportioned top and bottom with a well-defined waist), pear (heavier on the bottom), apple (heavier on the top, slim legs), and the rectangular or “banana” (few curves). In general, any body type can wear shorts with leggings, but pears shouldn’t attract too much attention to their large bottoms.

wholesale shortsDon’t fret too much – if your boutique buys wholesale shorts in various sizes, you can still well-sized shorts. Remember to avoid embellishments like embroidery or sequins – distressed shorts might not be the best choice, too.

You should know yourself what shorts will fit your body types – but if you’re buying wholesale shorts for your customers you want to purchase different styles and sizes. For hourglass ladies, shorts should have decent rise to show their curves and slim waist. Pear ladies should choose low-rise pants to create a nice balance and optically extend their torsos. Tall ladies should choose longer, at least above the knee shorts, while petite ones should pick skinnier, clingier shorts.

Remember, though that colors also matter. A lot of wholesale shorts in the market is made of denim and thus made of various shades of blue and indigo. Others, however, are made of synthetic fibers and come in all colors and then some. Colorful shorts over black leggings will inevitably attract attention – so you might want to invert this. Look for black shorts. In the summer few people want to wear them since black absorbs heat. You can also make black cutoffs yourself from an old pair of trousers – and if you’re feeling puckish you might use elegant work trousers.

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