I bet that your wardrobe is full of cheap, affordable shirts wholesale and T-shirts. Most every person on the planet has one, I bet, from China and India to France and Spain. But how to properly care for and wash them? Especially since shirts wholesale with custom prints on sell well lately? Well, here are some tips to help you rectify this!

It’s probably best to hand wash your shirts in cold water, but you quite likely simply not have time for that. Hand washing is also far less effective especially if your shirt has thick, oily stains. It can also harm your hands especially when you have to use a stronger detergent. In practice get the washing machine it is. Try to select the most delicate settings on your machine, since your shirt will need to wash in cold water to prevent the fading of the colors and shrinking.

shirts wholesaleBefore washing you need to remember to always turn your t-shirt inside out before putting it inside the machine, especially if it has some prints on it. And of course, sort your clothes – black with dark, whites with whites, and colors with colors. You should also sort them by fabrics – cotton with cotton and wool with wool. In fact, just to be on the safe side, read the label – some fabrics might contain a lot of synthetic and they will literally melt when ironed!

Avoid bleach. This substance and any detergents that contain it should be a weapon of last resort. It’s sometimes even better to take a garment to dry cleaner’s than to use bleach!

And now, the care. In general, yes, you can and should tumble dry your shirts on “low” – but it’s best to hang dry them. If you do so, turn them inside out, and avoid hanging them in the direct sunlight because it can make the colors fade. Few people iron their T-shirts – but if you do, iron inside out or on the backside, don’t use the design. My friend Corinne before going to sleep takes the T-shirt which she’s going to wear tomorrow, folds it and puts it under the pillow.


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