Jeggings are part jeans part leggings. The ‘j’ stands for jeans – but it might as well stand for ‘jogging’. Jeggings were originally popularized by joggers, who wanted a comfortable alternative to stiff skinny jeans. These are usually spandex leggings with a denim-like print, but some producers of leggings wholesale can offer also denim leggings wholesale. Jeggings come in an array of colors, and some have fake jeans pockets, belt loops, and zippers to give the appearance of real jeans.

A good pair of denim jeggings is essentially a softer, pliant pair of skinny jeans. The producers of such leggings wholesale use a new material called PV1, to make their jeggings stretchier. They can be worn as skinny jeans – layered with long shirts, tunics, sweaters, or skirts and dresses. Like jeans, they’re sold in the variety of colors and washes, and some have cuffs and detailed finishes. Their pockets are usually fake, though. They will work great with boots, whether elegant or winter wear.

leggings wholesaleFaux denim leggings might resemble true denim jeggings, but they’re mostly pure spandex. They have no jean feel and there’s no denim in them, even though they might have real look. They’re more stretchy, since they’re leggings with jean print, and they will like ordinary leggings wholesale accentuate every bulge and flaw in our legs.

Regardless of the material, dark leggings or jeggings are slimming. If complemented with a long top and belt, they will draw the attention away from your bottom. And if the top is long and oversized, your bottom will seem slimmer and more fit! Remember that these are at best ultra skinny jeans – so if you want to avoid unflattering panty lines, wear a thing.

Leggings work great with boots, everyone knows that. Jeggings work well with loafers, flats, or a pair of simple sneakers. And you can dress them up with a pair of nice heels. While some critics might argue they’re just a kind of sweatpants, jeggings will work for many various occasions!

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