Is there anything more feminine than a skirt? Well, probably a lot of things. And ancient Scottish warriors wear kilts… but regardless of anything, if you want to show your feminine side you’ll do well wearing a skirt. Today, we’re presenting a selection of the most popular styles of wholesale skirts available on the market. If you’ve never heard these, now it’s an occasion to learn about these cuts.

wholesale skirtsA – line

These simple skirts are fitted at the waist and get progressively wider at hemline. They’re called these because they’re triangular and resemble the letter A. A ruffled, broad A-line skirt can sometimes be called a gypsy skirt.


A lot of skirts can be asymmetrical – it means that the hemline is uneven, varying in length. For instance left side can reach above the knee, while the right one, below it. Many asymmetrical wholesale skirts have layers of light, voluminous fabric.


Bubble skirts are puffy, with hem tucked under and some extra fabric to add volume. They’re seldom available as wholesale skirts, since they’re typically evening wear.

Fishtail/Mermaid skirt

These skirts are quite fitted and flared at the bottom, creating an impression of the mermaid’s tail.

Panel/umbrella skirt

This skirt is made of several strips or panels of fabric, sewn together vertically from the waist. It can be very colorful and eye-catching.

Boho/Peasant skirts

Boho style is usually thought of as “hippie”, associated with the 1960s. Such a skirt is long and flowing with bold colors and patterns.


Most every skirt can be pleated – it’s folded, has vertical folds pressed or sewn into the fabric of the skirt. It adds volume and makes you more horizontal.


Pencil skirts are figure hugging and typically high-waisted. They have a slit in the back or in the sides to allow you some movement.


This skirt is also figure-hugging. It’s based on the two overlapping, petal-shaped panels that resemble the inverted tulip. It’s more and more common among producers of wholesale skirts.

Wrap or sarong

This design is inspired by the ancient Asian costumes. The fabric is draped around the waist and it overlaps in front. True sarongs are tied, but a sarong-inspired skirt can have a large knot simply as a decoration.

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