Alpaca sweaters are becoming more and more popular these days. Any men’s sweaters wholesaler will tell you it can safely compete with other popular fibers like cashmere, wool, and synthetics. It is as warm and durable, and the ancient Incan kings knew about these qualities. In fact, during their times the alpaca wool was called the “fiber of the gods”, and allowed only the ruling caste to use it.

One reason for the popularity of the alpaca wool is the alpaca itself. Thanks to adaptation for living in harsh environments like the Andes they don’t have hooves like goats and sheep, which allow them to graze easily. They need less food, too. They’re sweet, gentle and curious animals – but if you anger them, run! They can spit at you like their camel relatives!

Alpaca is truly great when it comes to natural fibers. It’s stronger, softer, lighter, and warmer than cashmere. Traditional Peruvian craftsmen dye it various colors or knit beautiful traditional patterns. Alpaca clothing and accessories are a great choice for winter wear. Since the fibers are more elastic than wool or cashmere’s, alpaca wool is more resistant to pilling and shrinking. Sadly, it’s too expensive to most every men’s sweaters wholesaler.

men's sweaters wholesalerMany wool products can prickle the skin, but alpaca fleece is famous for its luxurious softness. This “itchiness” can be sometimes caused by allergies to lanolin – and alpacas don’t produce it! Furthermore, because alpaca is naturally free other, different oils found in sheep’s wool, it doesn’t have to be chemically treated like sheep wool are. A native Peruvian farmer can simply take his wool, spin it, and knit a sweater out of it! Alpaca wool is therefore 100% natural and safe for the environment.

What’s even better is that the alpaca clothing can last for decades. There are some ceremonial Incan robes that developed to this day. Of course, like any clothes made of natural fibers they can be attacked by the clothes moths. You need to protect your garments from them – air and wash your garments, use lavender and cedar chips or mothballs, and store them in paper bags, folded. These tips apply to all sweaters, also these from are regular men’s sweaters wholesaler.

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