I bet that you buy a lot of jeans – and I don’t mean wholesale jeans for your boutique! No, jeans are simply so popular. They seemingly are simple pants, yet they can make you look sexy, feel comfortable, and provide you with that confidence boost. No wonder that a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is now appropriate outfit for all opportunities. So a question arises – how to match the shirt with the jeans? There are certain colors which can complement your favorite pair of jeans and help you look your best.

Classic indigo jeans

For your dark indigo jeans pick a simple black T-shirt, or one with a visible, distinct print, like a floral top. This way, you will achieve a slimmer silhouette – especially if the jeans are tight enough.

Black jeans

Sure, you can wear any T-shirt with black jeans, but the best way to rock these dark wash pants is a simple off-white gray or cream top. This will create a nice contrast – and likewise, a large white T-shirt with or without a big chunky message will also fit. If the wholesale jeans are more distressed, a dressier shirt will also create a nice feel.

White jeanswholesale jeans

White jeans should be fairly skinny since they will draw attention to your legs inevitably. So contrast these white jeans with bright, colorful t-shirts. Bright jeans bring out the light undertones of red, pink or lime.

Light denim jeans

Faded light blue jeans work best with blue T-shirts. The simple jeans also mesh well with multi-colored complex designs, especially with rich patterns. And a simple crisp white top will match the simple denim even better.

Dark denim wash jeans

Dark denim wholesale jeans match well with a medium or dark toned T-shirt, like camo or forest green. Keep these shirts relatively simple, with single-color prints. A vivid pink shirt is also a good choice.

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