Many people who wear a snood don’t even know that it’s called a snood.  So what exactly is a snood? Well, the word originally meant a kind of hairnet (and also a  kind of turkey’s wattle, but that’s beside the point). However, today snoods, while they still can cover your hair, are often worn as cowls or scarves. Most producers of wholesale scarves now include snoods in their offer. It’s a tubular piece of warm material, most commonly wool, polar fleece or cotton, that’s worn around the neck.

wholesale scarvesTechnically, a snood is kind of an infinity scarf, but it’s more fitted. An infinity scarf is more of a looped scarf that you can drape around the neck – the snood is effectively a removable collar. It’s part scarf and part hood, but it can also be worn around the head. There are even cowl-like snoods that resemble a hood – these are perfect for winter days. Many tubular scarves can’t be worn up over the head, and they’re worn only as an attractive and warm accessory. Still, they’re still referred as snoods. These are probably the most popular snoods bought as wholesale scarves by the boutique owners.

A couple of fun things about snoods I like is that you can pull it up and cover your face in the cold winter. You don’t have to bother with re-tying your scarf, just pull the snood up. Of course, you lose some versatility since a long scarf can be tied in many interesting ways, but a snood can still be attractive and it’s quicker to put it on and off.

Another fun thing is that they can be two-sided. Wear a black snood to work, and after work flip it out to reveal a splash of red. When I bike in the winter, I wear a simple fleece snood over a baseball hat for warmth – and the cap prevents it from sliding over my face. so consider getting a nice snood – whether handmade or mass produced like wholesale scarves!


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