Finding a pair of comfortable and fashionable boots is essential for almost every woman during the winter. Yet, there seems to be so many different fashions and fabrics out in the market. We all know that sometimes it is an overwhelming feat to find that perfect pair of boots or wholesale women boots for your shoe store.

wholesale women bootsAbove all understand your measurements, not just your foot size but also the width of your calf. This is useful depending on the cut of the boot you are looking for: short booties, tall boots, or over-the-knee boot. If you’re running a shoe shop and looking for wholesale women boots, remember to ask your customers not only about their foot size.

Make sure which occasion you will wear this boot for. The flat-soled boots are usually the most comfortable to walk in for a long time, especially for hiking or commuting. However, boots with heels will usually elongate your figure, which is especially interesting for petite women. Platform soles are a nice combination of increased height and comfort. Many producers offer wholesale women boots with cushioning memory foam insoles which increase the comfort.

Typically, boots are made of one of the three materials: synthetic (including rubber), leather or suede. There seems to be many varieties of synthetic boots, some transparently plastic, other resembling leather. When buying these boots, check whether they’re waterproof, including the seams. Look at the soles – whether they’re stable for a slippery weather.

The length of the boot usually depends on what you’re going to wear with it. People usually wear knee-high or short boots with skinny jeans. The knee-high boot also goes well with the short skirt and tights. However, short boots or over-the-knee boots will increase the variety of your attire. It is also worthwhile to consider whether to buy boots with the zipper on the side or a pair that slides on. Boots with zipper are usually more versatile since they can usually fit in much thicker pants after considering the calf measurement.

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