We all should dress well, not just to make others admire us – but simply to feel better. Elegant, comfortable and stunning clothes boost our self-confidence. Everyone wants to dress appropriately for their work and life goals. For instance, there are times when wholesale women’s blouses 34 sleeve might be appropriate – for work or when you need to feel powerful.

wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeveLet’s look at colors first. In general, you have your own color palette based on your skin tone, hair and eye colors, and your clothes should complement this. Too many women go with “safe neutral” option, not sure whether a certain hue will fit them. You can match the colors to your personal skin tone easily. There are lots of magazine articles or websites which might help you choose the right colors. If you’re a warm skin tone – with yellowish tinted skin, you will look better in reds and yellows. Colder skin hues look better with cool hues like blues and greens. Warm girls tan easily, cool ones gets sunburned. If you can afford it, you can even hire a consultant to help you choose your color palette. The investment will pay for itself eventually since your personal skin tones and eye hues won’t change over time.

Your body shape is also unlikely to change. You can get more “rounded” over time, but your general body shape depends on your genes. Apples have slim legs and wide upper body, pears have rounded hips and slim tops, rectangles are mostly even and hourglass silhouettes has shapely top and butt. You want to use fitted or tailored wholesale women’s blouses 34 sleeve and other clothes to draw attention to your strong points – waist, legs or top. The shape of your face is also important in deciding the type of neckline or collar to wear.

Remember that most people will treat you differently if you’re dressed fashionably. And I don’t mean just like from the first page of Vogue, but having your own personal style. Consider your personality, interests, and age. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various trends and styles. This is not just a way of presentation, but art.

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