Congratulations! You have quite likely joined the workforce. And unless you don’t work in uniform or in some loose field like IT or photography, you should dress for success and choose the solid business wear. Most companies allow business casual, but some important companies like trading, stock or banking ones demand formal business wear, and some even buy wholesale blouses for their workers. If you have just started working in the biz, you need to learn a lot about the business world – and how to dress properly.

For men, the business formal outfit consists of a collared shirt, a pair of tailored trousers, a suit jacket, dress shoes, and a tie. They should be ideally color-coordinated – a dark suit in matching colors, dark shoes, white or near-white shirt, and a tasteful tie. A formal outfit for a woman has more options: a skirt or pant suit, a collared blouse or shirt, dress shoes and a jacket or blazer. There’s more freedom with colors – you can match a navy skirt with a black blazer for example. While men should choose black, navy blue or dark gray colors, women are allowed to expand this range, with dark greens or even vivid reds. Blazing hues like pink or pastels aren’t particularly formal, but light pink is acceptable for wholesale blouses.

wholesale blousesYour shoes should be leather (faux or real). Loafers and slip-on are okay for men, while women can wear reasonably tall high heels, as long as their toes are covered.

While there are times you should wear your formal business gear, most companies allow the business casual. You should pick business casual for your job interview unless the company is a high-profile one. For men business, casual outfit comprises of cotton slacks or khaki pants, a button-down or polo shirt, and a blazer. Women can dress in pencil skirts, wholesale blouses, cotton trousers and a semi-formal top like a tunic. No one will complain about an elegant dress under a neat cardigan, for example. Suede shoes are acceptable, as are flats for ladies. This is the outfit you’ll end up most often, so have many pieces. You are also free to mix and match the pieces.

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