I am a child of the 80s, and in high school I was super into grunge. And now, the grunge look is coming back, to my chagrin. Now I really feel old! But well, I can once in a while feel young again, while returning to my flannel roots. Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Silverchair rocked the 90s, and I can still now at least pick my old shirt back from under the massive stack of wholesale womens sweaters.

female-471152_1920As the name implies, grunge is this messy, irreverent look that combines punk style with working class clothing. You shouldn’t go with brand names, instead look at your casual wardrobe and pick some distressed items. You can also use thrift stores to get second-hand stores that are comfortable and already worn out. If you want to distress them further, buy the cheapest, oversized clothes. Avoid bright colors — stick to muted colors and black and gray.

The iconic piece of grunge style is the flannel shirt. It’s light, durable and cheap. Wear an oversized flannel piece over a T-shirt with a band name. You can button it up and toss a denim or leather jacket. Avoid cheap wholesale womens sweaters, which will get torn and unravel.

Distressed denim pants are another staple of the grunge style. Wearing store-bought denim pants will immediately mark you down as a poseur. Distress your own pants, or better yet, wear ones that are naturally distressed, faded and torn. A fuzzy black baby doll skirt or a dress would also work great for women! If you want to, you can wear a short skirt or denim shorts over a pair of ripped up stockings.

The biggest dream in my elementary school were genuine Doc Marten boots. Massive combat boots are also the symbol of the era – and their bonus is that they can be worn all year round. Remember that the shoes need to take the time to get used to your feet! And if you’re not sold on massive Doc Martens, pick simple high top sneakers, perhaps a pair of Chinese converse knock-offs.

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