cheap t shirts wholesaleThe presentation is half of the sale. And if you happen to sell cheap t shirts wholesale with custom prints, it’s doubly true. As a fashion employee, I often see great T-shirt designs online, but these designers often lose the sale because they failed to show their designs effectively.

I’ve seen people who had great designs of their clothes… but they laid their T-shirts on their car hood, took their pictures with their cell phone and uploaded them to their Instagram. It’s not the best way of presenting your design, to say the least. Do you think their customers would trust them with their credit card numbers? That’s why you need to improve your game and think of your offer as of a proper store.

Get a model – it’s usually enough to place an ad somewhere and find a decent-looking guy or a gal. Ask your friends if they are good-looking enough. If you have some spare place, improvise a studio – or just go to a park and make photos outside.

You can also hire a professional photographer. Usually, they have their own studio and can even have contacts among the professional models. While a photographer can be expensive, she can offer you great tips and will present professional images you can use in your catalogs.

If you can’t find a model, you might try a mannequin – a realistic dummy or a simple display. Even this way of presenting your offer is better than none! Your cheap t shirts wholesale need to look as if they’re worn.

If you have a pattern of your design, you can simply look at stock photos, such as ones illustrating this blog! Find pictures of people wearing blank shirts and for simple presentation of your design paste the picture of your design on the shirt. Actually, few people would be able to tell the difference.

And when preparing your website, consider also mobile customers – look at responsive web design and make sure your website looks good.

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