ladies blazers wholesaleChoosing the feminine and professional clothes for the office work is hard work! You need to balance the style with an impressive approach, the flattering style with the conservative. But you don’t have to be “all-business”. Sure, your office is not a fashion show, but you can still command respect from your co-workers and employees. You can still rock that ladies blazers wholesale.

Everything depends on your office dress code. Ask your manager about the dress code on your job interview – preferably not on the first meeting. And if you’re not sure, it’s best to overdress. Would you rather be the only lady in a dress and heels on your first day – or the only woman in jeans? Coming to work in elegant clothes shows you take the job seriously and celebrate your hire, and underdressing will establish the first impression as a slob.

Purchase staple items that will agree with the dress code. If you should be wearing a business suit, invest in one or two – pair it with clean shirt every day, and mix and match colors. And if your office is more casual, you still have the responsibility to dress neatly and modest, so avoid ripped jeans, sleeveless tops or belly-baring shirts. If you want to be treated seriously, let the other workers focus on your achievements, not your body.

One trick that can turn any outfit into an office uniform is a well-tailored blazer. Purchase some great ladies blazers wholesale, and take them to a tailor to fit your body perfectly. It needs to hug your body and give you some space to move. Toss a blazer on a floral top or a flowy dress, and you can turn it into something that works the office perfectly and looks feminine at the same time.

And since you are going to spend most of your time at work, you should invest in comfortable shoes. I know that you might look good in heels, but do you really want to spend eight hours in them? Pick pumps or ballet flats.

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