blouses wholesaleWhat’s with the British? It seems that the main use for their lords is to name things, like lord Sandwich, lord Wellington, lord Nelson… and of course the inventor of the McIntosh overcoat, lord Cardigan. No, seriously, of all these lords I like lord Cardigan’s invention. An improvement of the earlier invention of lady Pullover, a cardigan is a type of sweater that’s tossed on, like a suit jacket, or worn over blouses wholesale. It’s preferred by ladies because it doesn’t have to be thrown over their hairdo.

But not every lady can figure out the perfect shape and cut for her cardigan. You need to consider your body shape. Some cardigans would look better on a particular body type, others need to be avoided. If you are slender and long-waisted, a fitted cardigan would look great on you, but a long and loose sweater will swallow your body and look baggy.

Start with a basic cardigan. A simple button-down sweater in a neutral color is an extremely versatile garment. Mix and match it with other clothes, from casual to elegant! Wear it with a buttoned-down shirt as a suit jacket, or toss it over a T-shirt for a casual look. During the winter cardigans are perfect layering outfit – even lightweight cotton ones provide an extra layer of protection. If you buy blouses wholesale you’ll never run out of something to wear under the cardigan. And since it’s layering, don’t overburden yourself, use thin sweaters!

On the other hand, a bulky, cozy oversized cardigan can not only be warm in the cooler months but soften your look. Remember though that it will fill loose and saggy.

You can wear this kind of sweater unbuttoned to draw attention to a funny T-shirt or elegant blouse. It should contrast with it, so pick solid colors if you want to show off the shirt’s patterns. A cardigan can also soften a bold outfit – if it’s soft and feminine. With a simple skirt, it can create a chic 50s retro vibe, which can be dressed up and down. And with a pair of flared jeans you can also get that hippie 70s vibe. You can add some style if you drape a belt over a large cardigan, which will underline your waist.

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