women's tights wholesalePantyhose is a solid and evergreen fashion accessory. It comes in a range of thickness and weight. The term “denier” measures both the weight and the thickness of the yarn. It means “density in linear terms”, or denier in short. Typically the higher the number, the thicker the appearance… in theory. The lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery seems, and the higher — the more opaque it looks. In practice, a five or eight can seem thicker than 12 denier, because they’re made of thicker yarn. A lot depends on the fabric and the producer of the women’s tights wholesale.

In general, 15 denier or less means “ultrasheer” – as if you aren’t wearing hosiery. These are delicate pantyhose, perfect for hot weather or glamorous evening. It is very fragile, and you can damage it easily if it gets snatched on chair or plant.

15-30 denier is “sheer”, what you think of light hosiery. It basically “tints” your legs, giving them even, smooth appearance. It’s not as easy to snag as the ultra sheer tights and can work as office wear, but also for casual and evening wear.

30-40 denier is “semi-opaque”. It still shows your skin, but visibly darker. It’s strong and often is textured. It works great for the office, especially if you contact your customers a lot. It can be fine for evening wear.

40 denier or more is “opaque”, not exactly pantyhose but tights. It won’t really show your skin, it is way better for the winter and can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Since they’re thickest and made of cotton, lace or even wool, they’re fairly easy to fix. You can find great women’s tights wholesale here. 

I personally think that it’s best to wear each of these – with at least five pairs of sheer pantyhose. If you discover that one specific style doesn’t suit you, move to the next style or denier. And there’s always an option of 0 denier – going without tights. During the winter you can substitute leggings for tights!

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