leggings wholesaleLeggings, in my opinion, work as well as a pair of pants. Although, they require some consideration when assembling the wardrobe. I believe that you can assemble a great outfit using just a pair of black leggings as a bottom… but many people disagree. They are entitled to their opinion… especially when one of them happens to be my boss! Today I want to talk about wearing your leggings to work, based on my opinion as someone who used to sell leggings wholesale.

Many dress codes don’t allow leggings. Some offices ban overly tight clothes, and leggings can definitely be this. And leggings are definitely more casual. If you aren’t sure, observe your co-workers and superiors to learn whether other people in your workplace wear leggings. If you really want to rock your leggings, consider using them as thick tights – and wear them under a mini or pencil skirt. Leggings to work, despite my convictions, shouldn’t be worn instead of pants. Some employers even buy leggings wholesale for their workers to act as part of the uniform.

leggings wholesaleConsider the material – there’s nothing wrong with cotton leggings. Although, work leggings could be fancier – made of suede, denim or leather. Thanks to this, you can create amazing outfits for work. Be reasonable when combining it with a top – wear a long blouse or a suit jacket, you don’t want to look unprofessional. Avoid patterned leggings, they’re for fun. In the office stick to solid colors, preferably black. An exception might be a delicate pattern like small dots or pinstripes.

Match your leggings with a top – a good example would be a fitted jacket over a simple dress and cotton leggings. The dress or skirt should end two fingers below the knee, and the top should tie the whole look together. If the dress code can accommodate it, you can pair leggings with a long sweater – you can tie a belt around your waist for extra effect. And pair them with chunky boots – not sandals or booties or toeless pumps.

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