wholesale women's shortsShorts are cool, comfortable and very fun to wear – and during the blazing summer months, they are a necessity. But it’s frankly very hard to find some fashion statements that include them. I honestly don’t know what Anna thinks of shorts… buuut I don’t particularly care. I know that plenty of manufacturers will deliver wholesale shorts to my fav boutique. What I do care about is whether my pair of dressy cotton Bermudas will be okay for office work or can I safely rock a pair of daisy dukes and stockings. Here’s what I’ve been able to find.

I personally think that shorts should flatter your figure. There are all kinds of trendy shorts for women of all shapes and sizes. Remember, the more leg you reveal, the shorter you seem. If you’re a petite woman, you could rock daisy dukes – especially if your short shorts flare out towards the bottom. Taller ladies would probably look better in knee-high shorts. Remember though that for official occasions, sometimes it’s better to pick a longer, more conservative shorts length. If you’re on vacations and visiting respectable places, try wearing past-the-knee shorts! In general nothing but your legs should be sticking out from the bottom of your shorts.

I dislike cargo shorts because they have large pockets that distract from your hips and thighs. Men claim that they’re very practical, but they aren’t very fashionable on ladies. Instead, choose shorts that have clean, straight lines. You can make them fun with a colorful, tropical print – the less background between the print, the more flattering the shorts are.

And for a professional look, you could choose high-waist shorts. They are a bit like corsets – extending past the hip, they make you look slimmer. Toss a light cardigan on them and you’re ready for work! Since they’re a little bit dressier, you can tuck in your polo neck or button-down shirt. You can get wholesale shorts in all kinds of cuts and styles.

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