Wholesale leggings can look like pants

Leggings are a versatile piece of any wardrobe, but you need to reconsider how to wear them properly. Many people wear them as a pair of pants – but most consider them a thicker variety of tights, worn as a part of the layered outfit. Indeed, before winter most boutiques  purchase wholesale leggings in vast quantities! You can creatively combine colors and match them with tops, accessories, and shoes. This will allow you to wear leggings in any season and be consummately stylish!

Leggings are tight… but shouldn’t be too tight. They should snugly cover your legs, but not to demonstrate every dimple or bump on them. Make sure that they’re not too loose and they don’t create weird bumps because this is also not very cute. And consider it doubly so with leather or faux leather leggings – they are even more unforgiving and cause unflattering lines. Wholesale leggings tend to come in all shapes and sizes.

I personally think that leggings are essentially pants. I don’t agree with fashionistas claiming that they’re tights. Walking around in leggings and shirt is okay – even though maybe not the most elegant. Of course, you can toss a dress, a skirt or a pair of shorts over your leggings – or pair it with a longer top or jacket. Just a T-shirt might give you some “underwear vibe”, but in general leggings are okay for outerwear.

Instead of just a T-shirt, pair them with a cute summer colorful dress. Leggings come in all colors, so match them to the dress for a fancy look. If your dress has a great, colorful pattern, match it with a blank pair of leggings. And conversely, wear a solid colored dress with a pair of patterned leggings. You can wear them under a skirt – and since leggings are tight, the skirt could be loose.

Leggings work great with tall boots, sandals, but be careful when mixing them with heels or pumps – instead of classy, you’d look trashy. Leggings can work well with ballet flats or moccasins.

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