Every lady has had this moment of opening her wardrobe and being baffled by what to wear for today, and sometimes fashion fatigue is inevitable. But well, choosing the perfect outfit is a skill, and it’s easy to eventually master the art of planning the perfect creation. Give yourself some time and you might start to see your closet in an entirely new light, whether it’s full of fancy garments or just wholesale women’s shirts.

I like to use a single piece of clothing as an inspiration. What would go well with this treggings? I pick a white shirt and shiny shoes. If the inspiration is a new dress, I can always enrich it with a new piece of jewelry. And the accessory itself can be an inspiration – a cool new hat requires a more toned, subdued outfit so that the hat could take center stage. When I think I managed to pick this outfit I look at myself in a full-length mirror.wholesale women's shirts

And when the outfit is ready, I save it on my computer. A selfie or an Instagram photo works wonders – when I’m running late I don’t have time to put together a new outfit. If I remember it or use my smartphone to recall it, I can always return to it. I sometimes put it on my Instagram – and if my friends like it, great! This way I can track the most popular ones. And of course, I can always add new shoes and accessories to spice it up. That’s what many producers of wholesale women’s shirts do and send them to their retailers.

Choose a color scheme, basing it on two main colors, preferably contrasting. Avoid both being a single blob of color or a colorful hodge-podge of various shades. If you want to use the autumn colors, pick mustard yellow and grays, and spring needs some pastel shades. Of course, don’t restrict yourself to two colors – accessorize, but build around these two. Or you can build up on a chosen printed piece of clothing, tracking down the pieces that pair well with that print.

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