men's trousers wholesaler offers all sorts of trousersBoth men and women wear jeans – now there’s a surprise. Jeans are a classic piece of clothing and give you a rugged, fashionable look whether you’re a boy or a girl, whether you look for a single pair or are willing to buy from a men’s trousers wholesaler. And regardless of your gender, you should learn how to wear them and wash them properly.

Wearing jeans is a skill you need to learn. The first difference between denim and other clothes: don’t wash it. Seriously, jeans need washing only if they get dirty, but regular use, sweat, and dirt only serve them to fit you. They will inevitably shrink in the wash – which can be a boon if they’re too big for you. If the jeans become soiled, just brush them with a damp washcloth, then let them dry and judge whether they need a laundry – the results can surprise you. Clean them gently – air them, spray them with water and leave them to dry in the sun. And if they start to smell, don’t use detergents! Just wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight. Seriously, it just works, people! Any experienced men’s trousers wholesaler will tell you this.

The biggest selling point of denim is that it’ll adjust to the wearer. So if you want the denim pants to adjust to your appearance, don’t force them to take another shape. Try not to stretch, do yoga or do other similar exercises in your jeans. They are soft and can look great for you.

When to wash jeans? After at least three months of constant use – be wary that they can shrink or run in the machine. When they became really soiled and smelly – and the ways to refresh them don’t seem to work. Wash them in cold water, as if they were delicate (30 C), and sometimes you can just give them a hand wash in a bowl. If you do use the washing machine, you should turn them inside out. Do not tumble dry, unless you want to distort their elasticity.

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