girl-1572533_640The nights are longer, the days are colder, and to prepare for winter you don’t just refresh your woolen collection; you will have to buy a new pair of boots. And finding that perfect pair of tight-fitting boots does require some shopping legwork. You don’t just have to decide whether you want stiletto heels, stacked heels or kitten heels – boots are not just for fashion runways, you’ll have to wear it from nine to five at your job. Consider the comfort and remember, these boots are made for walking!

Shop for wholesale women boots later in the morning – feet can often swell during the day, so you need to buy them when the soles are the largest. Measure them before fitting boots. If you go shopping for boots for a special occasion, wear the colors and style of your desired cut to determine whether they will fit it. If you want your boots to match your colorful tights, wear them as well.

Wholesale women boots aren’t all about great looks – first, consider your comfort, and second – stability. Stilettos add a few inches to your height, but they cause you pain and are unstable. You might look at something with a wider heel. Don’t risk sore lesions, bunions and claw toes. The boot should have a firm heel counter – the fact that it covers your ankle doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be stable and comfortable.


Walk around the store in your boots and consider only these you feel good in! Don’t assume
that your gorgeous boots will be “broken in”, or that you’ll get used to them! This causes a lot of spine damage or unnecessary damage to your feet. Seriously, it’s not worth it!

As fashionable they might be, their purpose is also to serve as cold weather footwear. Look whether your boots have proper traction on their soles and would be practical to walk through snow in. Leather wholesale women boots let your skin breathe – and the excess sweat can get cold and cause common cold or worse disease. Pick your boots wisely and they will serve you for a long time.

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