healthy-light-woman-legsMany readers of this blog probably love going to gym… but not to exercise, but to show off their new fashionable exercise gear – sports bra or shorts. But well, you don’t have to pay dozens of bucks per month just for the privilege of using the gym. I personally hate it, because every day when I wasn’t going to the gym I felt like I was throwing money away. So I quit it, and still keep in shape. How? Well, this is my secret.

I walk everywhere. Granted, I live in Europe, where it’s easy to walk anywhere. But even when I have to get the bus, I, for instance, get off one stop earlier and walk one stop, even if the weather isn’t great. Sometimes I do waste some time – but I spend it on exercise and it counts for me to 30 minutes of exercise. So if you want to lose weight start with walking, to the shop, walk your dog, go for an evening walk. And if you want to take it one step further, get a bike. In Europe now it’s more or less illegal to build new roads without bicycle lanes! Seriously, even biking on the road isn’t hard.

And walking is great if you can have more occasions to leave your home. Today it’s very easy to meet someone on-line, make friends via facebook, or call them. I decided to meet more people face-to-face. Instead of calling or e-mailing a co-worker I just walk to them (sometimes on another floor) and ask them. Instead of “friending someone” I actually make appointments with them to meet in a cafe somewhere (and I walk there, too!). And I now try to reach my friends and plan something together over the weekend.

Speaking of active life, the only thing I use my TV now is an occasional video game. I decided against watching TV – cutting my cable. If I want news, I can check it in the park on my cell phone. If I want a movie, I can play it on my tablet when running on a treadmill. And so on and on…

Here you can find some tips for dressing for the gym.

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