Treggings work great for any attempt at joggingUntil recently, various combos of leggings and other wear were tragically unfashionable. Jeggings – or jean leggings – were something between skinny jeans and leggings, usually meaning just leggings with denim-style print or very soft skinny jeans. But now, a new sensation is rocking the nation, namely treggings. Another portmanteau, this does not mean “triangular leggings” but “Trouser leggings”. Perhaps in America, they should be called “peggings” since they’d be “pants leggings”. They are usually cotton with a dose of elastane, but they are also styled to resemble wool, corduroy, or even leather. They’re a bit looser than regular leggings, and so they’re more formal, and can be worn like actual pants, and not require covering the tight regions with a loose tunic or flowy robe.

Treggings provide the best of both worlds – they’re elastic, lightweight and look good. They combine the look of trousers and the fit and shape of leggings. Unlike most trousers, they are narrow Super-chic, flexible, durable and comfortable, they can be paired with almost everything. They look formal enough and are soft and comfortable as a loungewear. So you can wear them to the office, for lunch, or for any occasion where you want to both look great and feel comfy. To put it simply, treggings are functional and semi-structured like trousers, but forgiving like leggings. And like leggings, they’re available in a multitude of shades, prints, and patterns, so there will be a model for every woman. They’re more formal than leggings and slimmer than regular trousers.

Their snug fit ensures a clean, sleek look, while the stretchy fabric ensures lasting ease and comfort, and they don’t crumple easily. Since they’re made of a thicker fabric than leggings, they make many women more slender and more attractive. They go well with both loose shirts and cropped jackets and blazers. You can add color and style to them with belts, scarves, and other waist accessories. They can be worn by pretty much all body types as long as they fit perfectly.


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