Don't dress up in baggy sweatpants!You probably own a pair of baggy sweatpants you carry for your daily trips to the gym. And by baggy sweatpants, I mean that they are lightweight, loose cotton trousers, with elastic cuff at waist and ankle, which is basically a staple of a workout wardrobe. And if you’re a freelancer, and exercise at home with jogging or runway, sweatpants might be the only trousers you’ll ever need. There are some benefits for choosing sweats when you want to warm up or relax at home.

Runner’s delight

If you try to jog, the coming of the fall might be the disappointment. Cool autumn evenings and winter chill can curb your enthusiasm for completing your daily mileage. But using baggy sweatpants might help you stick to your workout plan. Sweatpants that are lightweight, enabling your legs to breathe, give you a full range of motion, and absorb sweat, are the best to wear when it’s cold outside. The elastic ankle cuffs will protect your legs from cold. When buying new sweats it’s best to choose ones made of synthetic material or a blend over cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture, and can freeze if it gets cold enough. Polyester pants are a better choice.

Can you dance?

If you’re exerciser or a dancer, you might consider wearing sweatpants over tights or leotards for warmups, to prevent muscle pulls or strains and increase flexibility. And if you would sweats for breakdancing, they’re perfect for this. Hip-hop dancing requires a loose, comfortable, inexpensive “uniform” that could withstand dirt from mean streets and never be the worse for wear. Sweats for hip-hop class are now like leotards for ballet — the dress code. So look cool and stay warm while you prance around to the beat in your regulation baggy sweatpants.

Nothing like a pair of baggy sweatpants when you want to relax at homeBaggy sweatpants – the perfect loungewear

Your favorite pair of sweats is usually as soft and worn as an old t-shirt or blanket. Sweats are typically made of cotton, which is an extremely durable fiber that has a soft drape and a smooth feel to it. One of the basic properties of cotton is its ability to hold 24 to 27 times its weight in water. Cotton sweats will absorb the moisture from your workout, keeping you cooler as you push through those last repetitions.


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