Girl in baggy sweatpants can be attractiveI never card much about what guys thought about my taste in fashion. And it’s not because I don’t respect their opinions on my style (although I don’t). I just think that they don’t have any. Recently I’ve been talking with my boyfriend about all these movies, where they take this “average girl”, and give her big makeover that “brings forth” her natural beauty – and inevitably they tell her to ditch the ponytail, glasses, and in the big scene she comes down the stairs wearing a tight dress. And guess what he thought about it? He actually preferred the girl before the makeover.

Naturally, I asked him about why he feels she was more attractive. And he told me about how we met – It was cool, and I didn’t have a jacket. He is a perfect gentleman, so he gave me his zipped up hoodie and wore his jacket. I could roll the sleeves up and go to class. And that feel of white shirt, large blue hoodie, dark jeans made him fall in love with me. And I totally melted down. He said that yes, tight dresses and high heels looks sexy, but there’s something unique in a girl wearing big, baggy clothes – she looks simply natural and her attractiveness shows.

You don't need to doll up to look great, you can wear baggy sweatpantsNow, I’ve thought the opposite for my whole life – if you want to look attractive to men, you should go for tighter, not baggier clothes. I spent half of my life wanting to look thinner and taller. I know, right? How dares he like me for what I am. He admitted that it was only his personal preference, but many people appreciate more flouncy, flowy style, like baggy sweatpants. Sure, many appreciate elegant clothes, but even if they like tight clothes, they enjoy yoga pants and leggings – not tight leather pants or jackets. In general, my advice is: learn what men like, but don’t dress based on that. Dress for yourself – and wear what makes you feel good.

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