Wholesale handbags can work greatWhat’s the real appeal of handbags? Naturally, the most obvious answer is that many items of women’s clothing do not have pockets. The more elegant the item is, the more likely it is that it will not have pockets. You need something to carry you personal belongings, like make-up, keys, cellphone, tools like pens, health and feminine products (like pills, wipes, lipstick). You can learn a lot about a woman from the contents of her handbag 😉 for instance my friend has a knife, a tape measure, a set of twenty-sided dice and a flashlight. I always carry a foldable jacket, a set of hex wrenches, a power charger and bandages. As great George Carlin said, a handbag is basically a woman’s home she can carry with herself.

Even with casual clothes, women dislike having their pockets stuffed with unnecessary things (and these days many only hold there a cellphone and a pair of headphones). A handbag is also very practical when it rains (especially since it can hold a rolled up poncho or a small umbrella), and if it’s well organized with pockets, compartments and pouch it’s easy to find the thing you’re looking for. And well, a handbag is unique among the fashion accessories in that even when woman’s build changes (she gains or loses weight, grows up etc.) the handbag stays the same. No wonder that all the stores in my district buy plenty of cheap handbags wholesale.handbags wholesale

Every woman will agree that buying new accessories makes you feel good (until you maybe realise how much you’ve spent ;). Many women find fantasizing about their new outfit about as exciting as actually wearing it. There’s a hint of the will to cause envy in other ladies. It’s all about social status, men signal it with cars, gadgets and expensive watches and women do it with jewelry, clothes and accessories like handbags. And if you want to be a little less cynical, this is also a matter of self-expression. With a handbag a woman can be much more creative than with clothes – because a handbag can be combined with virtually any outfit, and a woman has so much freedom with her time. A perfect handbag empowers her wearer, balancing her personal beauty with the style, material, volume and colors… and all this is utterly lost on a man.

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