You can wear shoes wholesale like this

When I ask my friend how to wear shoes, she usually answers “On your feet, dummy.” Well, as you know there appears to be many styles of shoes and they need to match your personal style. Shoes are one of the most commonly changed items of clothes – you can date a wardrobe more easily by the shoe style than clothes. A simple dress with long sleeves will never get old, but square-toed pumps or mules… not so much. And, sadly there’s no single shoe style that will make all your outfits look brand new.  There seems to be a couple of shoe styles that would match specific outfits.

If you wear chunky heeled Mary Janes, you probably want to expose your ankle – they might need cropped, narrow pants, which in turn require a long, woolen sweater. You can also try showcase them with above-the-ankle culottes, and an elegant skin blouse, with a denim jacket. Distressed, torn ankle-length jeans meld well with semi-elegance of flat Mary Janes.

If you chose longer, ankle-length boots, you could try rolled up pants, like boyfriend jeans. With  colorful socks and flannel plaid shirt you’ll look very casual. But you can also add very feminine touch to the boots with a delicate, flowy pleated dress and opaque tight.

Pumps, especially very feminine ones, can safely be matched with a more masculine, tailored pantsuit or jumpsuit. Wear your jacket with a striped, floral or paisley blouse. Suede pumps can be worn with a thin “footsie” sock, a turtleneck sweater and an elegant midi-skirt – and you could choose between pantyhose or leggings. Pumps usually go better with trousers – though you can soften your elegant, wide legged trousers with a blouse and a cardigan.

And finally, sneakers of course require sweatpants or tracksuit, but you don’t need to keep too sporty – wear your felted sneaker slip-ons with a loose-fitting woolen ankle plaid, or fashionable designer sneakers, with a knee-length leather skirt for that feminine feel.


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