Tights and brown shoes wholesaleMany women wear high heels to work, but this is not always the correct choice. Many employers dislike this, as too impractical and inconvenient, some don’t want their employees to dress up or to change this into a rat race of fashion, where the heels of stilettos grow ever-taller. Some employers might build wholesale footwear for their employees as part of uniforms, to avoid situations like this. Other women consider high heels to be very tiring, causing bunions and arching problems.

Many women prefer something quite clean and minimal, like simple ballet pumps to complement a smart office dress. You could also try styling your office costume with brogues or loafers for a more preppy style. Another great alternative for summer is to add a little bit of femininity are ankle-strap sandals or ballet pumps. They’re amazingly simple to style and look fantastic with practically any dress or skirt. Sadly, they can be quite expensive so you can solve it by buying shoes wholesale.

A great choice are also tall platform shoes which aren’t as blatant as high heels but have a very similar effect for a businesswoman. Some are pretty lightweight, and combined with another style (tall platform boots) can be very elegant. Some women buy women’s shoes wholesale just to have a wide opportunity of available styles and patterns.

Many women choose leather Oxfords, they are neutral and go with anything. Leather is a soft, flexible material and they are not only comfortable but also very elegant. The only problem is that get dirty very easily, especially if you have to walk around a lot. Another solution is ballet flats, but it’s hard to find a pair that fits perfectly and is able to hold shape over time.fashionable shoes wholesale

There are of course many other options beside heels: boots, flat sandals, bellies, sneakers or pumps. In a good wholesale footwear store, you should find them all. All of them should find a perfect match to your dress.

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