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Grand Canyon 8

Aside from the time spent at the Bellagio (see that post here), and the time we spent exploring the surrounding hotels (see that post here), we also had the opportunity to fly to the Grand Canyon and drink champagne while watching the sun set.  (Hey, when you’re in the Grand Canyon, what else would you drink?). It was an amazing experience and a fun one on my bucket list. It was part of my birthday present to my husband, Tim, and he was quite excited about it.

You’ll note, below, that Tim wore a tiny tie that, when touched, sang Happy Birthday (another present from me and he was a good sport to wear it all day).

Grand Canyon 6

The ride to the airport was about 45 minutes (it’s not the standard airport). After some preparations and a safety drill (after which we were given a sticker to signify our readiness (see mine on my arm?)), we were ready to go.

iphone 436

If you are claustrophobic, I don’t recommend a helicopter because there’s not much room.

Grand Canyon 3

And you may want to take a breath mint, because you’re RIGHT beside each other.

Grand Canyon 111

But the views of the Canyon and the Hoover Dam are AMAZING!!!

Grand Canyon 4

Grand Canyon 5

Grand Canyon 11

It took about 30 minutes by helicopter to get there and our pilot gave us a smooth landing.

Note 1: The commentary was a bit sparse. I would have liked to hear a few more details about the canyon, and the fact that we had to listen to each detail in three languages was a bit tedious.

Note 2:  We landed on Indian land. We were told that the US government does not allow helicopters to land in the Grand Canyon on US soil.

Grand Canyon 10

Grand Canyon 7

Grand Canyon 23

Grand Canyon 1

After exploring the area, we enjoyed champagne as the sun started to set.

Grand Canyon 9

And then we were whisked away, back up in the air to enjoy the sunset.

Grand Canyon 22Simply put, it was beautiful.

If you plan to go, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny. We were told that Papillon, the helicopter company, pays a surcharge of $65.00 per person to land on Indian land. The total cost of the experience is a little over $350.00 per person and includes pickup at your hotel, the helicopter ride, a box lunch, and a couple of glasses of champagne.  You can find out more about the tour here. The total flight time is about 1 hour, and the time in the Grand Canyon is about 30 minutes.