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In April, I blogged about the fact that Christian Louboutin would be creating Cinderella shoes for the release of Cinderella on DVD and Blueray this summer. Well, here they are.

I must confess, that I had high expectations for these shoes, but frankly, I’m disappointed. They leave me wanting more from such an artist. I do appreciate the Swarovski crystals (this girl loves bling!) and the lace is a nice change from the plastic that Cinderella previously wore (we all know how uncomfortable plastic shoes are) but I had expectations for something so delicate, so feminine, so one-of-a-kind. Frankly, these just don’t wow me even as much as the original blue Manolo Blahniks wowed me in Sex and the City when I first saw them (and they weren’t even princess shoes!).

Were my expectations too high? What do you think?